Jobs For Our Heroes Act Eases Path To Trucking Career For Veterans


President Donald Trump signed into law last week a bill called “Jobs for Our Heroes Act,” which expands the type of medical professionals employed by the Department of Veterans Affairs who could certify that veterans meet the physical standards required to operate commercial motor vehicles; and exempts current members of the armed services or reserves from certain testing requirements to obtain commercial driver’s licenses.

The law will allow advanced practice nurses, chiropractors, physicians assistants and others, in addition to VA medical doctors, who are employed by the Department of Veterans Affairs to perform driver medical exams. The examiner must be “familiar with the standards for, and physical requirements of, an operator required to be medically certified under section 31149 of title 49, United States Code; and has never, with respect to such section, been found to have acted fraudulently, including by fraudulently awarding a medical certificate.”

The law also allows current military members who have experience driving trucks in the service to apply for an exemption from the CDL skills test, and in some cases, the knowledge test as well.

Source: 115th Congress

Jafi Roskey