“When I transitioned from the military, I chose to work at Werner Enterprises because of their established reputation for professionalism throughout the Department of Transportation. Werner’s training program is second to none. The company has shown me that they take care of their veterans, as well as those transitioning from the government sector. I was proud to receive my professional driver certificate from the Department of Labor thanks to Werner’s apprenticeship program. Werner is ‘Service excellence for the long haul!’”
— Daryl Neil
Professional Driver
United States Army
“Having served in the United States Army as a mechanic, I worked on wheel and track vehicles, so I was looking for a career where I could utilize the mechanic skills I had learned in the military. What I discovered was a growing company, and 29 years later, Werner continues to grow and values hard work and dedication while providing unbelievable opportunities. Werner Enterprises has provided me the opportunity to use the skills I learned in the military and develop new skills. I started as a yard hand/trailer mechanic and was able to work my way up to a shop manager position in Dallas, Texas. After nine years with the company, I transferred into the Human Resources Department where I have been able to advance into my current position as the associate director. As a veteran working for Werner, I am appreciated for my military service and proud of how we recognize and honor our military heroes.”
— Dalan Urquhart
Associate Director of Human Resources
United States Army
“After retiring from the Marine Corps, I worked at a truck driving school. During those four years, I was able to research and hear about several different truck driving companies. After my wife was laid off from her job, we decided she would attend truck driving school with my GI Bill. It was while she attended school that we decided Werner had the best veteran’s program of all the companies and an awesome pet policy. For these reasons, we chose Werner Enterprises to fulfill our truck driving dreams.”
— Stephen L. Bradberry Jr
Professional Driver
United States Marine Corps
“When I was doing research on possible employers in the Omaha area, I started to notice a common theme when reading about Werner Enterprises, and that theme was their support of our military. When I joined the Werner family, I was given an opportunity to help our professional drivers and help our company in the Safety Department. Shortly after hiring on, I saw that first-hand, when I informed Werner’s Vice President of Safety and Compliance Jaime Maus of my looming military assignment. There was no complaining, only action. I received countless offers of assistance from my coworkers for all of my day-to-day tasks and chores that it takes to run a home. When I returned back after a nearly 7-month absence, the Safety Team was ready to help get me up to speed again, just like they had when I was hired. I am proud to have a military family and I am proud to have a Werner family too.”
— Adam Cassidy
Corporate Safety Manager
United States Air Force
“Werner Enterprises was my first job out of the military, and it was clear from the beginning that I made the right choice. The values I brought with me from my time in the Navy fit in with Werner’s culture, which made my transition that much easier.”
— Angelo Gibson
Associate Vice President of Van Network
United States Navy